Harry And David Ross Lane Red (2024)

Introduction: Welcome to the delightful world of Harry and David Ross Lane Red! In this article, we will take you on a flavorful journey through the history, characteristics, and tasting notes of this exceptional wine. Indulge your senses as we explore the story behind this renowned varietal and discover why it has become a favorite among wine enthusiasts.

  1. The Legacy of Harry and David: H1: The Roots of Excellence Harry and David have long been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. This family-owned winery, nestled in the heart of the Ross Lane vineyards, has been producing exceptional wines for decades. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each bottle carries the signature taste of excellence.

  2. Exploring Ross Lane Red: H2: Unveiling the Ross Lane Red Ross Lane Red is a blend crafted from carefully selected grapes, each contributing its unique character to the final product. This exceptional wine showcases a harmonious blend of flavors, combining the richness of Cabernet Sauvignon, the fruitiness of Merlot, and the depth of Syrah. The result is a wine that tantalizes the palate with its complexity and balance.

  3. Tasting Notes: H2: A Symphony of Flavors The first sip of Ross Lane Red reveals a burst of blackberries and cherries, accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla and spice. The velvety tannins caress the tongue, while the well-integrated oak imparts a gentle smokiness. This full-bodied wine lingers on the palate, leaving a satisfying finish that invites another sip.

  4. Food Pairings: H2: Perfect Companions Ross Lane Red is a versatile wine that pairs effortlessly with a variety of dishes. Its robust flavors and structured tannins make it an ideal companion for hearty red meats such as grilled steak or braised lamb. For a vegetarian option, try pairing it with roasted portobello mushrooms or a rich eggplant Parmesan. The possibilities are endless!

  5. The Art of Aging: H2: Unveiling the Complexity While Ross Lane Red can be enjoyed upon release, its true potential shines when given time to mature. The aging process allows the flavors to evolve, revealing additional layers of complexity and depth. Stored in a cool, dark cellar, this wine has the potential to age gracefully for several years, rewarding the patient connoisseur with an even more remarkable drinking experience.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Harry and David Ross Lane Red is an exceptional wine that embodies the dedication and passion of its creators. With its captivating flavors, versatility in food pairings, and aging potential, this wine is a must-try for any wine lover. Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors, unravel the complexities, and savor each sip as you embark on a memorable journey through the world of Ross Lane Red.


  1. Q: Where can I purchase Harry and David Ross Lane Red? A: Harry and David wines are available for purchase directly from their winery's website and select retail partners.

  2. Q: What is the ideal serving temperature for Ross Lane Red? A: It is recommended to serve Ross Lane Red at around 60-65°F (15-18°C) to fully appreciate its flavor profile.

  3. Q: Can Ross Lane Red be enjoyed without food? A: Absolutely! Ross Lane Red is equally enjoyable on its own or paired with a delicious meal.

  4. Q: How long should I cellar Ross Lane Red for optimal aging? A: Ross Lane Red can be cellared for 5-10 years or longer, depending on personal preference.

  5. Q: Are Harry and David wines available internationally? A: Yes, Harry and David wines are available for international shipping, allowing wine enthusiasts worldwide to experience their exceptional offerings.

Remember, a bottle of Harry and David Ross Lane Red is not just a wine; it is an invitation to indulge in the art of winemaking and savor the fruits of passion and dedication. Cheers to a memorable wine-tasting experience!

Harry And David Ross Lane Red (2024)


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